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South Florida's family owned, professional, award winning, IDEA accredited garage door dealer!

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                      ACCESSORIES THAT FIT YOUR LIFE

From keyless entry systems to motion sensors and perimeter alarms, LiftMaster® has the accessories that will improve your day-to-day life and give you peace of mind that your family and property is safe and secure.

MyQ® Accessories let you take full advantage of your MyQ-Enabled Garage Door or Gate Operator. By tapping into the power of your Internet Gateway, you can monitor and control your home’s or business’s garage door, gate or lighting from your smartphone, tablet or computer.


 MyQ lets you keep an eye on coming and going activities of your home, and with the Nest Cam you can easily and conveniently see what’s happening at home when you’re not there. Through account linking MyQ and Nest Cam bring added safety, security and peace of mind to your family – from anywhere. Great for people with valuable items in the garage, families with kids who may be home alone, or those who travel frequently.

LiftMaster® Control Panels controls your garage door, turn your lights on when you enter a dark garage, or even display the inside garage temperature and other important system status messages.

  LiftMaster® offers a full range of garage door opener remote controls to fit your lifestyle, giving you more control over your Garage Door Opener or Gate Operator.