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South Florida's family owned, professional, award winning, IDEA accredited garage door dealer!

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  • Door doesn't meet current Building Code! We are currently on FBC-2014  
  • The door does not comply with current Insurance requirements  
  • The door is wood and is deteriorating.
  • The manufacture of you current door is Out of Business and no longer produces replacement parts.
  • The Center of the door where the motor connects, panel is coming apart.

      What is included when purchasing a new door?  

  • The entire door system is to be changed (Track, Springs, Sections, Cables, Hardware)
  • 2 x 6 Jambs are to be inspected for termite or water damaged.
  • Either to be reinforced per the NOA or replaced.
  • Most installation company's replace the outside perimeter seal or trim.

  • If the motor complies with the current safety standards (safety sensors & auto reverse) you are able to reconnect it

  •  Doors are equipped with a counterbalance system that if calculated properly a 1/2 HP will do the job just fine. 
  •  Only doors that have material applied or over-sized door require higher rated motors.

  • No, the springs are calculated by size weight and height of the door.
  • No each door is tested as complete system and the entire door must be replaced.